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Erickson Construction Company now has an electrical / solar division in addition to our construction and cabinetry divisions in order to provide the “total package” to our clients. Our electrical / solar team has over 17 years experience in the installation of both residential and commercial solar systems. We know and understand the importance of energy efficiency and want our clients to be equipped with the most cost-effective and environmentally feasible options that are available. Our electrical expertise enables us to keep our electrical work in-house resulting in more control and cost savings to the client.

We offer:

  • Complete solar “Turnkey” installations from start to finish, including any building construction support that may be needed such as structural improvements for added roof support or building carports to place the solar system above, etc.
  • Survey team for surveying properties for recommending roof and/or ground-mounted solar systems
  • Energy audits that we do at the start to assess the best approach to designing a system for the client
  • Commercial as well as residential installs, from small to large projects
  • Latest technologies to insure the most up-to-date equipment and techniques such as A/C coupling as opposed to the older method of D/C coupling
  • Retrofitting to eco-friendly installations
  • Off-grid and grid-tied systems, depending on the client’s needs

Why solar energy? There is no better time than now to think about installing a solar system. In many states, local utility companies, such as PG&E, are offering rebates and incentives to consumers in an effort to help in the battle to reverse global warming. Solar energy is a clean cost-effective alternative to traditional methods.

TEL: 530.477.8848 | FAX: 530.477.8330 | E-MAIL: MARK@ECCNC.COM | CSL NO. 603346



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